This station featured what was for a while (from around 2000 to early 2007) the largest remaining mechanical lever frame in South Africa, incorporating 56 levers. It is another important passing place on the busy Delmas to Ogies section, situated 111 kms from Johannesburg, and is the next station after Argent on this line in the Ogies direction. Despite the size of the frame, the signalling installation was in the front area of the station building as pictured here, rather than a separate signal box.

The lever frame was not in as good a condition as Argent on this November 2005 visit. Although there were 17 spare levers, there is still an impressive amount of signalling equipment to control the five running lines in the station area.

The down home signal (Ogies/Witbank direction) against a thundery backdrop. The top signal is cleared for an approaching train- despite being a Sunday afternoon, there is significant traffic on this line even in the run-down Spoornet of 2005.

A clearer shot of the same signal, taken by Eugene Armer

..and here is the train, amongst the array of up starting signals.

Looking in the other direction at the train in the distance and the down starting signals.

Dwarf signals at the west end of the station, taken by Eugene Armer in spectacular lighting.

More pictures of Arbor, showing the conversion to color light signalling.

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