Barandas is on the famous "garden route" line between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth -it was formerly known as Uniondale Road and was the closest broad-guage station to that town. It is close to the south end of the Toorwaterskloof pass, where the line passes through the Swartberg in a narrow ravine between towering mountains. This was one of the later stations on the section to lose signalling, with the lever frame still reasonably intact in this September 2008 picture, but the station definitely not in the best condition.p>

Some close-ups of the lever frame. As you may be able to make out, nine of the twelve levers were used, with two home signals at each end of the station, two points and two safety bars plus a switching out lever.

A picture of unknown origin and location, but I have put it here as it could be Barandas in better times.
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