Camfer is the most important station between George and Oudtshoorn on the famous Garden Route line. It is 34 kms from George by rail, and in a scenic area where hops are grown, the only such area in South Africa. There were quite extensive goods yards for the agricultural traffic, and the station featured semaphore signals for many years, until the general run-down of the lines in the 1980s/90s. This picture shows the signalling area, with the area from where the wires emerged now bricked up.

This is probably the Camfer frame, now situated at the George railway museum.

Another picture of this 20 lever frame at the museum.

The station yard at Camfer in 2006, now bereft of any evidence of signals.

The Van Schoor token for the Camfer to Zebra section (Zebra is north of Camfer in the Oudtshoorn direction. Most of the token exchange points were unmanned on this route, and tokens were exchanged by train crews until this section was converted to radio operation in 1992. This token is now on display in the signal cabin at Oudtshoorn. Thanks to Dylan Knott for all the pictures on this page.

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