Dryden was the closest to Johannesburg (93 kms by rail) of the four relatively large mechanical signalling installations remaining on the Delmas to Ogies section. It had the smallest frame of these stations, but with 36 levers, one that is still relatively large in South African terms. This picture shows the signal box, in the front of the station building.

The lever frame at Dryden.

The track diagram, including the topic of the week!

This picture shows a quartet of 6E1’s on a 180 axle westbound coal train framed by the starter signals at the west end of the station. An earlier power failure had backed up traffic in both directions and this train was waiting for the “all clear” to proceed towards Delmas. The picture was taken on the 25th June, 2005.

In this 25 March 2006 shot, we see a train headed by two 18Es passing the Dryden signals at danger due to stolen signal cables. Train orders were used then but the section has already been converted to CTC in late 2006, with the rest of the section following soon.

The up home signal with the grain silos in the background. All pictures on this page by Eugene Armer.
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