Fairbreeze is on the North Coast main line from Durban to Empangeni, 139 kms from Durban. The section from Stanger to Empangeni had semaphores and Van Schoor working until 2001, when it was converted to track warrant. Gingindlovu was to the south, and to the north there was a unmanned crossing place, Hudley, worked bu although These pictures, provided by Greg Hart are from a road knowledge training video, hence the quality -however they still give a good record of semaphores on this line. This picture shows the station building and signal box in the front of the station buildings. The signal box had 24 levers.

Home signal to the north

Home signal to the south

Outer home signal to the south

Outer home signal to the north

Train Control Officer at Fairbreeze

Trains crossing to Hudley

Hudley to Fairbreeze token
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