This station is around 40kms from Cape Town and, although it is outside a major urban area, it is largest signalling installation on the Strand line, with 20 levers. This is due it being an interchange with the AECI industrial line. The station seems to be jinxed, with the original station building burning down (including the box), and a signalman being shot to death, but it remains one of the holdouts for semaphore signals in South Africa, and some of the signals were being renewed early in 2010. In this picture by Greg Hart, you can a special passenger working crossing another train, with the signal box in the foreground.

A picture of part of the lever frame taken by Dylan Knott.

A train control officer at the levers at Firgrove. Picture by Dylan Knott.

Van Schoor machines. Picture by Dylan Knott.

The track diagram, showing the fairly complicated layout of sidings. Picture by Dylan Knott.

Outer home signal photographed by Greg Hart.

Home signal indicating whether train will go on main or loop line. Picture by Greg Hart.

Signal wires. Picture by Dylan Knott.

A new post signal being installed for the down home signal early in 2010, to replace the bracket signal.
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