Greenwood Park is on the North Coast main and suburban line from Durban to Stanger. Between Umgeni, just north of Durban, and Duff's Road, this line splits into an old and new route, with Greenwood Park being on the old single track section. It was the only passing loop on this section, and had a lever frame and semaphores. There was a Van Schoor token to Duff's Road, while the working to Umgeni was release and block bells.Durban CTC was extended to this section in early 2002.

This picture shows the track diagram (click for a bigger version). It was a simple loop with outer home, main home and loop to home signals in each direction, plus points and safety bar. In addition, there were dwarf signals at the Umgeni end for shunting and a color light starting signal at the Umgeni end. Close to the end of semaphores, the main home signals at the Umgeni end fell down the bank, and were replaced by two dwarf signals as the main home signals! The station was in a dangerous area for robberies, and without track circuiting, there were a number of collisions between trains and near-misses, which probably hastened the move to remote control!

Signal box and platform.

Home signal to the south

Outer home signal to the south. Thanks to Greg Hart for the info and pictures.
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