The Vereeniging to Kroonstad section of the Free State main line from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein still features a number of stations with lever frames and semaphore signals, including this location, situated 31 kms north of Kroonstad and 168 kms south of Johannesburg. The line is double track and electrified and there are passing loops in each direction, as well as a goods line. This pictures shows the signal cabin in the front of the station building. 2 6E1 locomotives can also be seen hauling two cabooses, waiting in the loop alongside the platform for the northbound Algoa passenger train to pass on the mainline.

These are the new nameboards that have been recently erected at the remaining manned stations on the Free State mainline.

At the north end of the station, looking south towards Kroonstad, the home signal with dwarf signals on the right for wrong line working. The home signal has arms for the main line, loop and goods line (the bottom signal with the circle).

A northbound goods train departs Heuningspruit behind 2 x 6E1 locomotives, mainline starter signals on the right and the shunt starter on the left. All pictures on this page by Eugene Armer on 14 April 2006.
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