Hilton is on an old main line section on the Durban to Johannesburg main line. This section of line between Pietermaritzburg and Cedara is now closed, with even the section from Cedara to Hilton now inoperable due to the sleeper theft. The lever frame and signals are still there, but are long out of use, with the signals x'd out. This picture by Greg Hart shows the main station building.

Here is a photo of the actual diagram at Hilton, and a detailed diagram drawn by Greg Hart.

Van Schoor instruments. Picture by Greg Hart.

Miniature signals -picture by Greg Hart.

These photos show a number of views of the home signals that controlled entry into the main line and loop at the station. Pictures by Derek Norton.

Outer home and distant signal on the Cedara end of the station. Pictures by Greg Hart

There was only a distant signal at the Pietermaritzburg end due to an incline. Pictures by Greg Hart.

More home signal pictures in 2010 from Greg Hart who provided information for this page.
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