Inchange is on the Old Natal Main Line between Rossburgh and Cato Ridge, but is on the section west of Pinetown that now sees virtually no traffic, aside from specials, mainly from the Umgeni Steam Railway. There was a very simple signalling layout with just 3 levers ((1)Up home, (2) Switching out, (3)Down home) and 2 signals, with points worked by detector locking, and this was removed in the 1980s. The lever frame and diagram of this basic layout can be seen here, pictures by Greg Hart.

However, the signalling story isn't over here -the Umgeni Steam Railway are intending to restore the signals with the original lever frame, now at Metrorail depot in Durban. Here are pictures of the restoration of the signal masts -pictures taken by Mark Bouchier.

Greg Hart putting an X on the signal, while it awaits working order.

Building a new key for the frame -work done by, and pictures taken by, Greg Hart.

Revamped detector-picture by Greg Hart.

Latest (July 2011) progress, including the lever frame and re-installed signal.
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