This station on the dusty highlands of South Africa is a long way from the misty lake district of its namesake in England, but unlike that place, semaphore signalling and a large mechanical lever frame remained until 2007, one of four such installatons on the Ogies to Delmas coal line. The area to the left of the station building in this picture contains a frame of 48 levers, controlling this station 110 kms from Johannesburg.

The lever frame at Kendal; photos by Eugene Armer.

Track diagram at Kendal, photo by Eugene Armer.

Train register at Kendal, photo by Eugene Armer.

The down home signal at Kendal, with signals giving access to the main down, a down loop and a goods line.

Starting signals at Kendal in the up direction (towards Johannesburg.)

A goods starting signal, also in the up direction. The lower signal controls entry to an exchange siding with one of the many collieries in the area.

Sadly, semaphore signalling was lost in 2006/7 with color light and CTC being installed on the Delmas-Ogies section, with Kendal being the centre of the resignalling work, although Kendal was the last station to be converted from mechanical signalling on the section. Here are some more pictures of Kendal, showing the conversion to color light signalling

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