Like its namesake in England, this location in suburbs of Durban is one of the remaining holdouts of semaphore signalling in its respective country. Situated on the Old Natal Main Line, it features single line working by Van Schoor tablet to Bellair and Northdene.The signals and points are worked from the front area of the station building in this picture. The door in the middle of the picture leads to the signalling area. Picture taken by Greg Hart.

Another picture of the station building by Greg Hart. The frame has 24 levers but there are many spare levers as the layout has been much reduced, and is now just a simple single passing loop. An old siding for staging suburban trains and a goods siding at the Bellair end have been removed.

Another view of the signalling area on the right of the station building, seen here from the bridge connecting the two platforms.

A view of the lever frame at Malvern.

Suburban trains passing in 2006 controlled by semaphore signals!

The lady assistant train controller can be seen here getting ready to pass the single line token to the driver.

Two views of the home signal on the Bellair (east) end. The second picture is courtesy of Greg Hart, who also provided informaton for this page.

The outer home signal on the west (Northdene) side of the station. Pictures by Greg Hart.

The home signal, also on the Northdene side. Picture by Greg Hart.

The home signal, on the Bellair (east) side. Picture by Greg Hart.

Van Schoor token to Bellair. Picture by Greg Hart.
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