Mossel Bay is a small port on a peninsula in the Southern Cape. The Cape Town to Port Elizabeth line bypasses the town, going past the Voorbaai yards, but a short branch line goes into the town centre and the harbour. The classic train from Mossel Bay to Johannesburg via the Outenikwa, Toorwater and Lootsberg passes started and terminated here, but that is now a memory, although the line is seeing action again with the diversion of the Outenikwa Tjoe Tjoe, due to flooding on the Knysna line. A small signalling installation with 8 levers was situated here, and as with many stations in the area, is now a catering establishment. In this picture, you can see the gap in the platform where the signal wires were placed.

A view from the bridge with the station building and harbour in the distance. The signalling area was to the left.

Although few trains come here, and the station buildings all seem to be used for non-railway purposes, Mossel Bay station still feels like a bit of a time warp from the classic railway days, demonstrated by these station lights with the station name.
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