Muizenberg is a well-known seaside suburb of Cape Town, some 25 kms by rail from the main station in Cape Town, on the suburban line to Simonstown. It is at the point where False Bay curves to the east, and this is the first time travellers on this famous suburban line see the sea.

Color light signals have been on this part of the line for many years, but the signal box was retained, controlling the cramped layout of a crossover on the double track and sidings, as well as a level crossing. I think the sidings are still used now and then for stabling excursion trains, while the level crossing has been automated. The signal box was always one of the more attractive in the Cape Town area. recalling possibly a seaside resort back in England.

However, in 1997, Centralised Traffic Control came to this part of the line as well, and control passed to the main Cape Town signalling centre at Windermere. The box shown above remains for now, not in the greatest condition.

Another view of the classic lines of the old Muizenberg box. There is a frame with 17 levers inside that still remains as of July 2005. This was one of the few locations in South Africa with rod-worked points.

2010 picture of the lever frame by Luca Lategan, still there but in deteriorating condition.

Although nothing to do with signalling, the station building at Muizenberg is always worth a picture. Much of it is now in use as a restaurant.
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