Nairobi is the capital of Kenya, a city actually created by the railway, as a supply depot was needed on the East Africa line from the coast at Mombassa to Uganda. It is now the leading city in East Africa, and retains an interesting railway legacy, with the railway museum seeing a recent upgrade. The station (entrance depicted here) still features extensive semaphore signalling at this point in time (June 2007).

The signal box at Nairobi- I have no idea how many levers it has, but would assume at least 50, given the amount of signals around the station.

Another view of the signal box, with a signal (presumably with "S" for shunt next to it.

Looking in the easterly direction from a bridge to the east of the platform (in the Uganda direction), here is an array of home, starting and shunt signals. The road crossing in the distance is the main road to Mombassa and the airport.

Another shot in the same direction, showing semaphores and skyscrapers!

Looking in the easterly direction from the station platform -you can see the bridge where the previous pictures were taken.

Another easterly shot from the platform by Richard Niven in 2005.

Looking west from the bridge, you can see the platforms and signals at each end of the platform.

Looking west from the station platform.

Another westerly (Mombassa direction) shot, showing the forest of semaphores in that direction.

A preverved semaphore at the railway museum.

Presumbaly a shunt signal - at the railway museum.

Token equipment at the railway museum -apparently this type of equipment is still in use throughout the system in Kenya.
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