Northdene is an important passing place on the portion of the Old Main Line in KwaZulu-Natal where a suburban passenger railway service remains. Single-line tokens are used for workings to Malvern (in the Durban direction) and Pinetown (after Sarnia was closed in 2000). This picture shows the station building where the front area houses a frame of 24 levers, of which 3 are spare. Two of the semaphore signals are operated electrically. Interestingly, the loop line used to be the main line until another line was built behind the station which then became the main line.

Another view of the station building -despite being manned for signalling, the vandals have still being busy here.

2010-the building is now painted grey- not the original color, but the graffiti is gone for now.

Home signals at Northdene.

Outer home signal clear, but distant signal at caution!

Outer home and distant signal from the south.

Van Schoor token to Malvern. All pictures on this page by Greg Hart.
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