The legendary "Steel Kyalami" from De Aar to Kimberley was famous as a steam mainline until 1992, and also had semaphore signalling until the turn of the century (20th to 21st!) However, the semaphores and steam are both gone now. Oranjerivier was near the crossing of the Orange River, South Africa's largest, and was a watering point for the steam engines. These 2003 shots by Greg Hart show the frame and diagram remaining in the station building. There were 36 levers in the frame that controlled a double track main line with loops for slow trains, and engines taking water.

3511 leaves Orange River for last time, 5 June 1992, with the home signal in full view.

24 3654 + 15CA 2828 left, 25NC 3528 right taking water at Orange River, 15 July 1990 with starting signals.

24 3654 + 15CA 2828 taking water at Orange River as 25NC 3528 draws alongside, 14 July 1990 again with starting signals. The last three pictures were taken by Richard Niven.
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