Oudtshoorn was the last station on the famous "Garden Route" secondary line from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth that retained semaphore signalling. A fairly large frame of 40 levers controlled the station area and the junction for the branch line to Calitzdorp, and there was some impressive brackets of semaphore signals. Although Oudtshoorn is a substantial town, the station is the right on the edge of town and had a nice rural atmosphere. Sadly, in 1999, the signals were removed, but the box is still used for train control purposes, administering the radio control for the Oudtshoorn-George-Mossel Bay section as well as the steam-hauled George-Knysna section. This picture of the box was taken in July 2005 by Dylan Knott. The frame was removed (apparently with great difficulty) in 2002 and has been used as spares for remaining mechancial installations.

Oudtshoorn lever frame in March 2001. Photo by Chris King.

This 2006 picture, by Dylan Knott, shows the track diagram used for the radio control sections.

Another picture showing a GEA Garratt outside the fine home signal in the days when semaphores were still present.

1980 picture by Richard Niven showing the home signal at the Klipplaat end of the station.
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