Paarl is an important town near Cape Town, probably best known as a centre for the wine industry. It is also the last bastion for semaphore signals on the main line connecting South Africa's largest two cities, Johannesburg and Cape Town. This station and Huguenot just to the north are the last two places featuring semaphore signals on the Cape main line- for how much longer is uncertain. Paarl also features this classic looking signal box that may make some English rail fans feel they haven't ventured too far from home!

Another view of the signal box on a clearer day, picture taken by Dylan Knott.

The classic gantry of three home signals was once a feature of stations on South African main lines all over the country- one of the last reminders of this is at Paarl as picured here, this is the up home signal. The circle around the lowest signal indicates that this line is for goods trains.

Another common feature on South African main lines was the combination of outer home signal (top) and distant signal (bottom). Here is the down combination for Paarl.

A clearer picture of the down (Cape Town end) outer signals by Greg Hart.

The up (Wellington end) outer signals, picture by Greg Hart.
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