The Vereeniging to Kroonstad section of the Free State main line from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein still features a number of stations with lever frames and semaphore signals, including this location, situated 51 kms north of Kroonstad and 148 kms south of Johannesburg. This pictures shows the signal cabin in the front of the station building with Eugene Armer enquiring whether any trains were approaching. The station building is on the west side of the tracks.

The outer home and distant signal for southbound trains approaching Rooiwal from Koppies.

The main and loop line starter signals for southbound trains looking towards Kroonstad. This and the above two pictures were taken by Stewart Currie 30th July 2005.

The starter signals at the south end of Rooiwal, looking north. The 6E1's in the siding on the right have just dropped their load on the southbound main, the loco's have been switched off and the crew picked up by Kombi to go home..........obviously they had run out of time. There was probably no relief crew available, so the load will stand. The starter signal on the right soon saw action as the following train was put through the loop.Picture taken by Eugene Armer on 15 December 2006. from Koppies.

On 13th April 2009 (Easter Monday), train 37012 "Tourism" from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg, approaches Rooiwal behind a very grubby class 6E1 E1262. Photo by Eugene Armer.
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