After splitting from the suburban line at Van Der Stel, the next stop on the Caledon/Bredasdorp branch is this place. Named after the pass that this branch, and the main N2 national road, goes over, this was once a busy crossing place for the many apple trains from Elgin at the top of the pass. The station had semaphores, controlled from a lever frame on the platform, but these are all long gone. Fortunately the historic station building has been recently restored, although much of the trackwork has been removed. The only evidence of the former signalling in this picture is the gap in the bottom of the platform, where the signal levers passed through. Picture by Dylan Knott.

A picture of the station building in 1987 -taken by Rollo Dickson.

The lever frame in 1987 -out of use, but still on the platform then. Apparently it is now in a private garden in nearby Strand. Picture by Rollo Dickson.

Just so you know where we are....the Caledon branch is stunningly scenic, and is just waiting for some operator to take over and get the tourists on the rails. Picture by Dylan Knott.
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