Stutterheim is a town on the main line from East London up to the Highveld, situated 94 kms from East London near the scenic Amatola mountains. It had a 20 lever frame up until the turn of the century, when the line was converted to radio operation and all semaphore signalling removed. The station building and signalling area can be seen in this picture.

Stutterheim was still manned, at least for issuing passenger tickets, at December 2010, and the station is therefore in much better condition than many other locations in South Africa. In these two pictures, you can see the signalling area with the frame, diagram and even some token pouches still extant and in reasonable condition. The levers were used as follows
2 Outer Home Signals, one in each direction
6 Home Signals, three in each direction, for the main line, and two loops
6 Facing Points, three in each direction, one from the main line to loop 1, one from loop 1 to loop 2 and one from loop 2 to the goods sidings
3 Safety Bars for each of the running lines
1 Switching Out Lever
2 Spares

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