Van Der Stel is two kilometres from Somerset West station in a suburban part of the same town. It is a junction where the suburban line to Strand splits from the ultra-scenic line to Caledon and Bredasdorp over Sir Lowry's Pass.

The junction is the simplest possible layout- a single line branch splits from the main line and there is only a single point in the layout. There are a few oddities here- the "branch" line is actually the electrified line to Strand that sees a regular service of passenger trains, while the main line is the Caledon line that is non-electrified and probably lucky to see two trains a day. This means that two suburban electric trains can't pass here. This picture shows the signal box on the station platform.

Only 12 levers are needed to control this simple layout, of which 3 are spare, as follows
Lever 1: Spare
Lever 2: Main Down Home Signal
Lever 3: Main Down Route Signal
Lever 4: Main To Branch Route Signal
Lever 5: Main To Branch Facing Points
Lever 6: Switching Out Lever
Lever 7: Spare
Lever 8: Branch To Main Home Signal
Lever 9: Branch Intermediate Home Signal
Lever 10: Spare
Lever 11: Main Up Home Signal
Lever 12: Main Up Intermediate Home Signal
This picture of the lever frame was taken by Dylan Knott.

The diagram of the signal layout in the signal box. Picture by Dylan Knott.

The route signals (levers 2 and 3)- set as usual for the branch veering to the right of the picture. The two home signals in the up direction can also be seen.

More views of the up home signals from each direction.

The Intermediate Home Signal in the up direction (lever 12). This is also a stop signal (identical to a normal home signal).

The down main home signal (lever 1)

Route signals getting some attention in March 2012.

Signal cabin in March 2012, little changed from the top picture seven years previously.
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