The Vereeniging to Kroonstad section of the Free State main line from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein still features a number of stations with lever frames and semaphore signals. Most of them are on the southern part of this section, but Viljoensdrif is at the north end of the line, situated just south of the Vaal River between the industrial complexes of Sasolburg and Vereeniging. These two pictures show the north end of the station, looking north towards Vereeniging. On the left is the starter for northbound trains departing from the southbound side loop. On the right the starter for northbound freights departing the yard, plus the shunt signal for a spur that takes off to the right.

The southbound starter signals, looking towards Sasolburg.

This is the view the driver would see from the cab for a southbound train departing the yard. All photos by Eugene Armer.
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