Vlottenburg is on the single track "Stellenbosch" loop, running from Eerste River junction back to the main line at Muldersvlei. A regular passenger service runs on this line, and this section remains one of the last bastions of semaphore signalling and Van Schoor instuments for single-line working.

As is typical for smaller signalling installantions, the signal box is a front room of the main station building pictured here. For some years in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the box was permanently switched out, but now seems to be opened regularly, presumably after complaints that the loss of the loop was slowing down the passenger service too much.

The lever frame of consist of 16 levers, five which are spare. The layout is simple, an outer home, two home signals (for main and loop lines) and points at each end, plus two safety bars and a switching out lever. There is only one platform adjacent to the main line, so if suburban trains pass, one of them has to wait in the loop line and then reverse to get access to the platform line.

The down home signals in the Cape winelands, signal controlling entry to the main line at the top and loop at the bottom.

Another view of the down the home signals, picture by Dylan Knott.

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