The Vereeniging to Kroonstad section of the Free State main line from Johannesburg to Bloemfontein still features a number of stations with lever frames and semaphore signals, including this location, situated 12 kms north of Kroonstad and 187 kms south of Johannesburg. It is the junction for a branch line to Vierfontein. With the demise of semaphore signalling on the Delmas to Ogies section, this now ties with Geduld as the largest mechanical frame that still has semaphore signalling in South Africa with 48 levers. This picture shows northbound class 36 # 36-090 slowing to a stop to collect a paper order from the Train Control Officer, with the cabin in the background. The loco is towing dead class 33 # 33-494 and ten empty container flats for braking. This and the next three pictures were taken on 14 March 2009.


The track diagram and lever frame. Points at this station are electronically operated.

Class 6E1 E1310 on a southbound freight entering the station, passing the starter signals for the nortbound main and loop. On the extreme left is the home signal for the branch line from Vierfontein.

The dwarf signal at the south end of Westleigh, to control movements of northbound trains entering the southbound main and loop.

Another shot of the dwarf signal, from the back.

The home signal for northbound trains.

Class 6E1 E1262 with a late running "Tourism" from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg, passing the home signal for northbound trains (the signal on the main mast is for the branch line to Vierfontein). The last four pictures were taken 13 April 2009 (Easter Monday) and all pictures on this page were taken by Eugene Armer.
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